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If you love high fidelity music reproduction in combination with exquisite look, you've come to the right place!

Since 2001 GoGo Audio began design and production of unique single-ended tube amplifiers and open baffle speaker systems .

All tube amplifiers are with excellent price/quality ratio. The original design and the use of solid wood combined with engineered stone make products unique. Except in Bulgaria, tube amps brand GoGo Audio enjoy satisfied customers from Macedonia, Austria and the U.S., which is an indicator of the overall quality of the products.
Amplifiers are handmade, point-to-point wiring. All tubes are carefully selected in pairs as parameters and i

sound. GoGo Audio ideology is to provide the shortest signal path and minimum (or possibly a lack of any) passive components on its way. This is one of the reasons flagship mid-range Zenith (in its various versions) to enjoy wide acceptance among audiophiles.
All amplifiers are implemented as a dual-mono configuration, i.e. there are in fact two independent mono in one case, with separate rectifiers and filters.
Each finished product is subject to measurement of basic parameters and long listening test.